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 MX Race
Capeway Rovers M/C
Middleboro, MA
May 31st
Racing This Sunday
2 Moto Format
All Welcome
Entries $35 per Class
No 1 Day Membership

Thank you to the Middleboro Board of Health for all your efforts helping the Capeway Rovers Motocross track get approved to race.

Capeway Rovers Re-Opening Plan

 The New Normal (for now)
Capeway Rovers MC will be open with following restrictions under the Governor’s reopening plan. These certainly are extraordinary times. Safe practices are everyone’s responsibility. Enjoying outdoor motorsports is a privilege, not a right. It is up to each participant to take the rules seriously in order to provide a safe, enjoyable experience for everyone.
·       Signage pertaining to safe social distancing, mask wearing, and sanitizing will be placed throughout the facility.
·       Social distancing updates will be emphasized by the on-site announcer throughout the event.
·       Mask will be worn by all participants when social distancing is not possible.
·       Mask will also be worn by all mechanics at the starting gate
·       Handwashing stations throughout the facility will be stocked and checked continually.
·       Snack bar will be take-out only.
·       Contact surfaces in restrooms, sign-up and snack bar will be disinfected at intervals.
·       Bleachers will be closed (at least initially)
·       Hand sanitizer stations will be available and monitored at sign-up and throughout the facility.
·       No one will be permitted to sign up without a face mask on.
·       Do not share pens at sigh-up. When you use a pen take it with you.
·       Floor and wall signage laying out social distancing will be in place at various critical control points (Sign-up, snack bar, starting gate area, etc…)
·       All participants will be encouraged to stay in their respective pit area with their families until ten minutes before their race starts, then the rider and one member may accompany them to the starting area wearing a face mask and demonstrating social distancing.
·       No gatherings of more than six people will be permitted at any area at any time.
·       Every participant will receive a trash bag at the gate.
·       Either dump all trash in dumpster when exiting or take it with you.
·       Open trash barrels in common areas will not be allowed.
·       Any violation of policies will result in disciplinary action up to and including ejection and suspension of all participation privileges.
When Parking Maintain Social Distance
These are not our Rules these Rules will allow us to open,
if you feel these do not apply to you please
stay home so the rest can do what they love.

Gate opens 4pm Saturday

Check out Buckley Photos after the race for some great action shots

250A / 450A Expert Payout
per Moto Capeway Rovers $ Chart
Open A / Vet A 50% after 2nd Moto
Sunny 72

 250A & 450A
Highest Payout in
New England
Bigger Than NESC
Bigger Than the Triple Crown
compare the charts
Open A - 30+ A - 40+ A
50% Payback
“21st Century Racing Facility”
MyLaps Scoring
Ambulance on site
Plenty of Parking
Air Conditioned/Heated
Eat In Restaurant
Breakfast & Lunch Menu
Real Bathrooms
“No Porta Potties”

Giveaway’s Sunday
Who Likes Free Stuff???

Dealer gift cards


C Cycle

Central Mass Power Sports

Hutch Motorsports

Monty’s Harley Davidson

Pilgrim Powersports

Restaurant Gift Card

Happy Dragon Halifax, MA

Upon Entering the Property Everyone in your Vehicle must have wristband on before pulling away from the Entrance
Race Sign up
Riders Meeting 8:45am Sunday on 96.5FM
Sign up for Sunday $35 per class
Saturday Night Sign up 5-7
Sunday 7am-9am
Mechanic’s Pass $5
Gate Opens Saturday Night 4-10pm
$15 per person under 4 free
Sunday 6:30am 
$15 per person under 4 free

All Entries $35 per Class
No 1 Day All Welcome
Mechanics Pass $5



MyLaps Transponder Rental is $10 with Credit Card
or $200 Cash as collateral plus $10 for Each Holder.
The deposit will be refunded upon return,
Holder rental return will receive Track Bucks
No one other than track personnel allowed on the track for any reason.
If your rider falls do not go on the track
If looking for a second class to Ride:
50cc 4-6 & 7-8 = 50cc Open,
65cc 7-9 & 10-11 = 65 Open,
85cc 9-11 & 12-15 = Supermini,
125 Youth ABC & 250 A-B-C & 450 A-B-C = Open A-B-C.
250-2 Strokes are allowed in the 250/450/Open Class
250-4 Strokes are allowed in the 250/Open Classes
250-2 Strokes are not allowed in the Youth Class
85cc Maximum Wheel size not to exceed:
17” Front 14” Rear no Big Wheels allowed.
We are not equipped to handle your waste oil or old tires so please take them with you.
The D.E.P. has rules we must all follow about these materials so please do your part.

MOTO MOM T Shirts available in cafeteria
Capeway Classic T’s
Capeway Rovers T’s
Capeway Rovers Hoodies
Capeway Rovers Sweatshirts
Available @ Sign up

50cc 4-6 / 7-8
250 A/B/C
65cc Open
30+ A/B/C
Women / 50+
85cc 9-11/12-15
450 A/B/C
50cc Open
125 Youth A/B/C
40 A/B/C
65cc 7-9/10-11
Open A/B/C
Check final race order after practice!!!!!!!!!!!   

Welcome back Rock Auto
Check out their web site the next time you need parts for your car or truck at

Welcome aboard Drinkwater Trailer sales, our newest sponsor
Check out their web site the next time you need a new trailer or parts for your old one.

If you or your company is interested in being a sponsor of the races at Capeway please send an email to David Payne

Save time at signup fill out the NCSC membership form on your computer print and mail it before the 1st Race

2020 NCSC membership forms on-line
Download the form to your computer, fill it out on your computer and then print out your completed form

Capeway Rovers M/C & NCSC are using MyLaps Transponders
All Riders must use a MyLaps Transponder

The Transponder needs to be registered and
charged prior to the event.
Make Sure you Charge your Transponder

MyLaps Transponders may be rented
To Rent a Transponder the Rental will be $10 with
Drivers License & Credit Card as Deposit
plus $10 for Each Holder Needed

If you already own a Transponder make sure your
Subscription is current and your Transponder is Charged

You may also go to MyLaps yourself and purchase
a Transponder for $103.74 Plus Shipping

Extra X2 Transponder Holders will be
available at the Track for $10 Each

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2020 Classes

50 4-6
50 7-8
50 Open 4-9
65 7-9
65 10-11
65 Open 7-12
85 9-11*
85 12-15*
Supermini 9-16
Youth C 18 & Under
Youth A&B 18 & Under
Open C
Open B
Open A $
250 C
250 B
250 A $
450 C
450 B
450 A $
30 C
30 B
30 A $
40 C
40 B
40 A $
Women 85-250

NCSC Trackside results page
Check out the results page powered by Trackside, it's search-able by event, racer name or number. Click here to see all the stats.

Important notice about number plates
All motorcycles must have number plates, upright, clearly visible and legible when in a riding position and securely mounted; they consist of a front plate and side plate on each side.
Your N.C.S.C assigned number, in plain block numbers, with the appropriate color combinations must be used.
Fluorescent numbers and or backgrounds are not allowed. Fancy designs, outlines and or shading of numbers are not allowed.
All numbers on a motorcycle must be minimum of six inches tall, except for 50cc and 65cc class, they can be a minimum of three-inches tall.
Numbers may not touch or overlap on number plates.
Illegible numbers can result in either improper lap scoring or no scoring for the race. It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure scorers can easily read his official NCSC number.

Number Plate Colors are:
50cc+ 60cc and Novice (C) - Black background White numbers
Amateurs (B) - Yellow background Black numbers
Expert (A) - White Background Black numbers.
Penalties will be assessed for wrong colors.

250 2-stroke rule update
250 2 Strokes are allowed in the 250/450/Open classes.
250 4 Strokes are allowed in the 250/Open classes.
250 2 Strokes are NOT ALLOWED in the 125 Youth classes.

General info
Member Event Entry $35 per Class
Gate $15 General Admission under 4 Free
Gate opens Night before Event 4-10pm  
Gate opens Day of Event 6:30am
Sign up is 6-7pm Night before, Day of 7-9am
Practice starts at 9am - Racing follows practice


2020 NCSC Motocross Schedule
Mar-22 Sun   Practice Capeway Rovers M/C
Mar-29 Sun   NCSC Capeway Rovers M/C
Apr-5 Sun   NCSC/NEMX Capeway Rovers M/C
Apr-12 Sun Easter NCSC Capeway Rovers M/C
Apr-18 Sat Gillette SX Gillette SX Foxboro, Ma
Apr-19 Sun   Gillette Amateur Day Foxboro, Ma
Apr-26 Sun   NCSC Capeway Rovers M/C
May-3 Sun   NCSC Capeway Rovers M/C
May-10 Sun Mothers Day Practice Capeway Rovers M/C
May-17 Sun   NCSC Capeway Rovers M/C
May-23 Sat   NCSC at WSP Winchester Speedpark
May-24 Sun   NCSC at WSP Winchester Speedpark
May-25 Mon Memorial Day    
May-31 Sun   NCSC Capeway Rovers M/C
Jun-7 Sun   NCSC Capeway Rovers M/C
Jun-14 Sun   NCSC Capeway Rovers M/C
Jun-21 Sun Fathers Day Practice Capeway Rovers M/C
Jun-27 Sat Southwick Nat Southwick National MX338, Southwick, Ma
Jun-28 Sun   AMATEUR DAY MX338, Southwick, Ma
Jul-4 Sat July 4th NCSC at WSP Winchester Speedpark
Jul-5 Sun   NCSC at WSP Winchester Speedpark
Jul-18 Sat Capeway Classic NCSC/NEMX Capeway Rovers M/C
Jul-19 Sun Capeway Classic NCSC/NEMX Capeway Rovers M/C
Aug-2 Sun   NCSC Capeway Rovers M/C
Aug-9 Sun   NCSC Capeway Rovers M/C
Aug-15 Sat Unadilla Unadilla National New Berlin, NY
Aug-23 Sun   Practice Capeway Rovers M/C
Sep-7 Mon Labor Day    
Sep-13 Sun   NCSC Capeway Rovers M/C
Sep-20 Sun 86 Anniversary NCSC/NEMX Capeway Rovers M/C
Sep-27 Sun   NCSC Capeway Rovers M/C
Oct-4 Sun   NCSC Capeway Rovers M/C
Oct-11 Sun   NCSC Capeway Rovers M/C
Oct-12 Mon Columbus day    
Oct-18 Sun   NCSC at WSP Winchester Speedpark
Oct-31 Sat Halloween Moto Bash NCSC NEMX Capeway Rovers M/C
Nov-1 Sun   Moto Bash NCSC NEMX Capeway Rovers M/C
Nov-26 Thur Thanksgiving    
GPS Address: Capeway Rovers 224 Plymouth St Carver, MA 02330

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